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Sustainability Policy Statement

The Rizues Limited (Rizues) recognises that sustainability encompasses environmental, social and economical concerns. We are committed to seeking continuous improvement in our performance on sustainability, in both our internal and procurement functions, which is consistent with providing value for money for our customers by:

  • Complying with all relevant UK Government policies on sustainability development, sustainability procurement and all relevant legislation & regulations;
  • Establishing sustainable development as a clear feature of Rizues decision making from board level downwards and ensuring that all managers and staff follow the principles of this policy;
  • Setting and monitoring relevant sustainability objectives and targets, based on our significant aspects and impacts and report progress regularly through a clear consistent processes;
  • Educating, training, assisting and motivating colleagues to work in a sustainably responsible manner and to develop new initiatives;
  • Ensuring that sustainability principles are given due consideration at each stage of the management process, including:
    • Building a detailed appreciation of customers sustainability requirements and ensuring that customers have access to a range of sustainable products;
    • Working with suppliers to encourage manufacturers , through appropriate specifications, to develop and supply environmentally preferable garments and improve ongoing sustainable performance of their supply chain;
    • Encouraging the appropriate uptake of sustainability products across the public sector
  • Striving to improve the sustainability performance of all Rizues activities including travel, marketing and communications. This will include:
    • Preventing direct and indirect pollution where possible, or striving to reduce it;
    • Make efficient use of all resources and decreasing the consumption of non-renewable resources.
    • Use an emissions recording scheme for business travel to monitor our impact.

Rizues’ commercial director will co-ordinate and promote the implementation of the above policies and will report regularly on progress at monthly board meetings. A copy of this policy will be displayed at our IT systems.