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Equality & Diversity Policy Statement

The Rizues Limited (Rizues) is committed to providing services of the highest standard within the resources available for all existing and potential customers. Quality, diversity and equality are core values which underpin all our activities. We believe that promoting equality enriches and ensures our services are fair and sensitive to people’s needs. The Disability Discrimination Act (2005) places a general duty on Rizues to promote disability equality and specific duties to support this aim. Our equality policy sets out the Rizues’ firm commitment to these duties, specifically:

a). to involve disabled people in a meaningful way in the development, monitoring and review of the disability equality policy and action plan.

b). to comply with its statutory and legislative obligations.

c). to meet the needs of and promote disability equality for its staff

d). to use its influence and professional relationship to encourage all its suppliers and customers to support the aims of this policy

e). to make disability equality integral in the development, delivery and refinement of all other policies, initiatives and in the way we manage our staff.

f). to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation or marital status and for the promotion of equal opportunity in employment;

g). to eliminate racial discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunity in employment;

h). to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of religion or beliefs

The requirements of this policy are applicable to all Rizues staff. Everyone must accept personal responsibility for implementing this policy and should be encouraged to share their views on the policy and make suggestions for its improvement.