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Consultancy Service (CS)

The Rizues’ CS provides guidance and support on 2 key business areas, namely:

  1. Stock and Inventory Management
  2. Business Development Strategies

The directors’ expertise in these areas is a direct result of over 20 years combined experience within workwear & garment industries, complemented by serving the uniform industry at senior positions.

Stock & Inventory Management: computer simulation models will be developed keeping in mind the respective needs of our customers. The determination of safety or buffer stock is a key constituent of the said forecast product models. This support will allow our customers to unlock cash tied up in holding excess stock - a guarantee to reduce business overheads and costs. In addition, as part of this service Rizues’ team will monitor customers’ stock level at style/size level (SKU) and will initiate an automatic garment order requisition allowing customers to focus on sales and growth.

Business Development Strategies (BDS) will be designed to deliver practical results, encompassing:

  • market place analysis linked with Competitor information and Price points;
  • target market with communication strategies focused on key routes to the market, lead generation and customer acquisition and retention.

Each service is offered free to our customers as part of our ‘uniforms trade partnership’ agreement and will continue for the duration of the partnership. In the absence of any such agreement, we are happy to quote RSC costs. For further information please contact us on

Consultancy Service